How Kama`aina Are You?

Question 1:

It's your day off - chee pono! What beach are you going to spend the afternoon at?

Get out of town and catch some waves at SANDY'S!

You should try get to Hawai`i when you have a chance. Don't worry, you'll learn fast!

Everyone has to take baby steps. You'll get there one spam musubi at a time.

Find the Uncles who play music at Ala Moana and hang with them for a bit. Hopefully they'll rub off on you a little.

Not quite there. Eat a few more loco mocos, and you'll be there in no time!

You're so close! You'll look like a local in no time at all!

Chee hoo! You're 100% Kama`aina! Kama`aina discounts, here we come!